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Student and Employer Speak on HCL CDC|Student Testimonials|Experiences

+Student Speak

“The training methodology at HCL CDC is really brilliant! It has made my fundamentals so clear that I can hardly wait to get working and put my learning into practice.” – Gautam Sharma

“HCL CDC has equipped me with the very latest in IT world, thanks to their regularly updated course content. I am sure this would offer me a significant edge in the job market.” – Hemant Kumar

“The learning environment at HCL is really professional and with the added advantage of field visits and internships, I already have the confidence that comes with practical experience.” – Leena Varshney

“I am proud to have been trained by HCL, an organization that pioneered the IT revolution in India.” – Priyanka Vats

“IT training at HCL goes much beyond classroom training. Guest lectures by experienced HCL professionals and the field visits greatly enhanced my learning and provided the much needed practical exposure.” – Mitushi Goel

“While my friends are hunting for jobs, I already have a few offers on hand. Thanks HCL!” – Jyoti Mathur

+Employer Speak

HCL CDC is a leading IT Training Centre wherein candidates can build upon their careers in IT. It is a gateway to the IT industry. HCL has a well qualified faculty and very good infrastructure & campus for imparting IT skills & developing careers.

I appreciate HCL’s quality in training, hospitality & support.

Trimax IT Infrastructure Service Ltd, New-Delhi

It’s really good to see the quality of the resources we are getting from HCL CDC. I appreciate your institution for the quality of training & experience being provided to new entrants in the IT Infrastructure support industry.

Rohit Pratap Singh
PCS Tech

I am extremely delighted to observe the performance of the selected candidates from your institution in the last 6 months. We shall be looking forward to getting such candidates in future also and a long association with your institution. Wish you all the best.

Ashis Taru Banerjee

It was a great experience to work with HCL CDC in hiring HCL trained candidates. In fact A1Books started its India Team building with HCL CDC’s assistance. I am glad we made the decision to work closely with HCL. Candidates hired through HCL CDC are a real pleasure to work with and they have the initiative to take on the assignments with great energy levels. I would also like to add that Vaibhav Bansal has been instrumental in guiding us through the hiring process. He himself is an outstanding person with great marketing skills.

I wish you and HCL CDC great going in the future.

Kishore Venkatesh
Head – Marketing & Operations
A1Books India

HCL CDC is a leading IT Training Centre wherein candidates can build upon their careers in IT. It is a gateway to the IT industry. HCL has a well qualified faculty and very good infrastructure & campus for imparting IT skills & developing careers.

I appreciate HCL’s quality in training, hospitality & support.

Trimax IT Infrastructure Service Ltd, New-Delhi

+Career Courses

“HCL CDC definitely provided me the platform, i was looking for. I got the kind of exposure along with the skill sets, which every fresher requires in order to be a part of this IT industry. I truly admit that, without joining CDC i would not have been able to taste the flavor of success that i have gained.”

Prabhat Anand

“My experience with HCL CDC was very good. I learned a lot and also got a lot of opportunities to work inside and out of Delhi with many IT firms. I would like to encourage everyone who want to build career in the Field of IT to go for HCL CDC.”

Cyrus Sagar
HCL CDC Dwarka

“Superb, Simply Superb”

Ankit Sharma

“I would like to express my appreciation to the HCL CDC Institute for all that you do to help to become an IT Professionals. The training courses are given have offered great benefit to build our career and knowledge on IT. Because the courses were added online and self paced materials, it has been convenient in assisting our goals. I am impressed by the way the HCL CDC Institute staff goes above and beyond to make sure that our Early foundation of IT Professionalism are taken care of and have reached their goals. I highly recommend HCL CDC Institute to any individual interested in expanding their career development training and IT Professionalism.”

Glenson D Souza
HCL CDC Mangalore

“HCL provides better environment to grow up and learn things. Faculty is very supportive and there for you anytime. The staff is very co-operative and is ready to help always.”

Manjeet Kumar
HCL CDC South Extension

“HCL CDC provide a very good way of our career. if you deserv for it then you will definitely get sucess in your career. it boost our knowledge & explore yourself to world.”

Dheeraj Kumar
HCL CDC Muzaffarpur

“HCL CDC was the place where I was molded to face the IT Industry after I completed my graduation. The rigorous teaching given by the faculty are excellent. The labs which furnished me with the real time experience was the most challenging and exciting thing during all the courses I attended.”

VAL Sai Phaneendr
HCL CDC Secunderabad

“It was great experience with HCL CDC. Without their help on this technical course I would not have got success. HCL CDC technical staff and other staff was very supportive and helpful.”

Prem Jatav
HCL CDC M.P. Nagar, Bhopal

“I have learnt many things from HCL CDC. As per course, i gained all the knowledge from my respected faculty, including all my doubts cleared. Other than topics related to course, the center provided me many other options related to my personality development, campus etc. I enjoyed studying a lot during my course duration. And I am really thankful to HCL CDC for shaping my future.”

Rita Jindal
HCL CDC Secunderabad

“Joining HCL CDC is like joining a corporate directly. I didn’t only get the best of technology training but also got exposed to the real life corporate culture (the discipline and attitude which ensure success in life). Thanks to all my trainers of HCL CDC, who mentored me till I had a flying start of my career.”

Nilesh Pandhare

“It’s a very nice experience being a part of HCL CDC. I am glad to inform that i learned a lot in CDC and had lots of fun while learning.HCL CDC is really a career Development Centre and i learned a lot of things in CDC related to my subjects and apart from that also learn how to work in current organization .”

“- Premal Ajwalia

HCL CDC, Ashram Road branch, Ahmedabad


“HCL CDC is a magnificent institution with excellent teachers, classrooms, small groups of students, warm atmosphere and super friendly and helpful faculties.besides completing the syllabus i have get an conceptual overview regarding the practical job related works, have achieved a coding efficiency over the programming languages, finally i am really very much lucky to join HCL CDC & improve my career skills with clear conceptual basis.”

Rahul De
C,C++,Data Structure
HCL CDC Bhubaneswar

“I’m proud that I did a course in HCL CDC with standard teaching staff, lab facilities and study materials that meet world class level in quality. Apart from that placement is amazing for all. HCL CDC is a god’s gift for me and all others who had done course, doing course and in future who plan to do course. I suggest HCL CDC because it is worth spending money on and in gaining knowledge. Thank you HCL CDC”


“My overall experience was so good. I loved the environment where I studied and most important my teacher and my mentor. Thank you so much for giving such a good teacher. He was awesome in his way of teaching and clarified everything then & there. I clearly learned about Network device not only that also i gained practical knowledge. The whole HCL Team was awesome and they are ready to provide any help any time. Thank you so much for giving a such a nice experience being a part of HCL CDC .As they say, “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” so my direction also was good one already i started with HCL..All the Best for your Future Achievements.”

Network Devices

“My Experience with HCL CDC is a great innovative to my career. I have started my career with HCL CDC Ranchi and learnt a lot in field of Technology, I have completed course A+, N+ and CCNA with 80% Marks in all paper. Due to this, I am working in Wipro Ltd. HCL CDC offers a complete spectrum of quality training programs on software, hardware, networking as well as global certifications in association with leading IT organizations. So Thanks to HR Ma’am ,BSD Team, Technical Manager and All member of HCL CDC.”

Network Technology and Devices
HCL CDC Ranchi

“Being at HCL CDC was wonderful and that gave me the first Industry Outlook. I could experience the Corporate environment. It was also fun learning with HCL CDC as the times i when i was associated HCL that transformed me from a student to professional.”

Lakshmi Nathan
Hardware and Networking
HCL CDC Velachary

“Good Career centre..Lot of things learned from this centre . Now i got good job. i am working under IT networking Department. this course helping me to developing my knowledge still now… Till Now i am getting Job alerts from the centre even i completed my course before 8 months itself .. Thanks for the care.”

HCL CDC Chennai

“It was great experience there. I learnt many new things which earlier seemed really difficult and now I am an expert in those. Thank you HCL CDC.”

Soniya Tyagi
HCL CDC Chandigarh

“It was a great experience. I had enrolled into CCNA program knowing little about Networking Field. I was very curious to follow my career in Networking and hence had enrolled for the same. After the 1 month program i was able to appear and clear my CCNA paper which helped me in getting this job. From there it has been a very pleasant journey for me.”

Apoorva Kabra

“It was a totally new experience which involved mostly practical training. It was very beneficial and I had a great time with HCL.”

Anees A A
Linux Administration (RHCE)
HCL CDC, Thrissur

“It was an awesome experience studying in HCL CDC I learned a lot of things here beyond my course. I was very happy during my entire course. Trainers who have trained me were very much experienced apart from studies they gave me a lot of information about the current scenario which is going in the market. Thank you a lot HCL CDC.”

Sanat Kumar

+Project Training

“My experience at HCL was simply amazing. got a chance to learn all the technologies related to my course track from experts and also got a hands on experience with live projects and work experience of people across the country. Now i am working on international projects even being a fresher…!!!! My life’s moments @ HCL will remain alive in my memories always.Thank you HCL CDC! ”


My experience was incredible .. My internship period spent with HCL CDC helped me learn the technology as well as gave me a very good head start into the corporate world. I never felt I was in a training session rather I always felt as if I was working for HCL while learning. Also the trainers as well as the rest of the staff was awesome n very friendly but professional. Overall a very good experience.”

Ruchika Bhatia
Dot net
HCL CDC Mohali

“It was a great experience, i chose HCL CDC in Velachery though it was very far for me, i did my project there in cloud computing, the project was very innovative and it earned us great results in d final semester, the best thing was that even after completing the project i was informed of placements by the centre”

Ragavi Bhoopathi
java, cloud computing project
HCL CDC Velachery

“As far as considering my experience in HCL CDC, i had a great pleasure to share my experience to all. i had join C/C++ in CDC center. They teach me in a way which is understandable and easy for me. They provided me the sufficient lab facilities to train me. They provided training for campus recruitment too. Thank you HCL CDC”

Divya Marappan

“I have learned a lot with HCL CDC and especially because my Project Trainer was a great and skilled professional .It was amazing as everyday i got something new to learn with my Trainer and My Team. I got a Chance to work on a live project with a Team and designated as Team Leader. If I have to express everything in a single word, it would be “Awesome””

Pankaj Gill
HCL CDC Rohtak

“I have done .Net course from HCL CDC. It was quite good and I learned a lot from there as am a final year engineering student .My major project platform is ASP.NET .In a very short time trainer of HCL CDC taught me a lot ,now am an ASP.NET certified student from HCL CDC ,which will surely help me in my future interviews for job .Overall if i want to do a course in future I’ll go to HCL CDC for that , all because of the well qualified and skilled trainers at the centre . Thank you HCL CDC !”

Limi Singh
HCL CDC Faizabad

“My experience at HCL CDC was great. My university mandated 6 months industrial training and I was tired of spending hours internet surfing for the right internship for me. I came across HCL CDC. Firstly the idea of internship where we pay repelled me but now I can honestly say its money wisely spent. The staff was cooperative, flexible timings, knowledgeable faculty, well maintained lab and the center is well connected. All that backed by HCL brand.I have always been a good student and loved programming. My faculty gave attention to every student in our batch and her persona commanded respect. Individual attention was given to each student be some hotshot or a late bloomer. In process of internship I made a working search engine with crawler, UI, database, ranking algorithm and it earned me appreciation from everyone at college and beyond and I received A+ in marksheet. In my campus interview I had a lot to talk about my project and internship. I have recommended HCL as a preferred center to intern at to all my juniors. So I can confidently say that my internship experience was great and I enjoyed it a lot. It helped me grow as an individual and professional.”

Amit Semwal
Advanced JAVA Training 6 months
Pitampura, Delhi

“HCL CDC is the gateway for the freshers who want to pursue their career in IT Domain. What I have got from HCL CDC is the quality training from well verse faculty members who have exposure in their own domain. I am very thankful for all those experts who provided such training , so that I easily started my career with right vision. Mentors were not only provided me training but also helped me to figured out my path towards career.”

Anup Verma
HCL CDC Varanasi

“It was difficult for me before to make any project on .NET Platform but HCL CDC helped me a lot during my project sessions and also increased my confidence level. It’s a very good institute for any student to learn and apply new technologies practically…..Last but not the Least THANK YOU HCL CDC.”

Divya Jyotsna
80 hrs project

“”I couldn’t be more delighted! Frankly it has been a splendidly positive experience, where my expectations were exceeded. Under the guidance of expertise i was able to improve my Software coding Skills!!!”- The experts at HCL CDC are really very experienced and have a good domain experience in project implementation. Their guidance has made things possible which otherwise would have been immensely difficult for me as things were not clear to me when i was learning them as a subject in my BTECH. I am very glad I took training from HCL.”

Damanpreet singh
java-core six weeks
HCL CDC Pitampura


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