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Digischool DNA

High Quality Content

DigiSchool is a truly unique solution with well researched and scientifically developed content mapped to CBSE/ICSE/State boards that covers entire K-12 spectrum

Mapped to Board

Comprehensive coverage of content across K-12 segment. Each nugget is mapped to grade and board (ICSE/CBSE and state boards). Multiple Nuggets are use for complex topics for differential subject treatment. Nuggets classified board wise, subject wise, and chapter wise for direct retrieval and use.

In-house content development to ensure quality

DigiSchools high quality content is developed by in-house team of more than 300 experienced academicians and designers at HCL state-of-the-art R&D facility. Other advisors include highly experienced members of NCERT, SCERT and other advisory boards in the educational space.

Media rech and pedagodically sound
Media Rich and Pedagogically Sound Content

Sound Instructional Design coupled with engaging media elements deliver the perfect learning mix for teacher-students. In-house content development after thorough scientific research and in-depth understanding of the student’s learning needs. Content designed using the EER (Engage, Explore, Reinforce) instructional model.

Media rech and pedagodically sound
Age Appropriate Media Treatment

DigiSchool is created keeping in mind different learning abilities of students of various groups. Games based fun to learn visual and instructional audio handhold the younger learners through their teething years in education. Narrative and theme-based 3D graphics led by digital actors foster quality education and imaginative thinking at the right age. Scenario based and descriptive 2D/3D renditions, visual essays and video presentations enliven realistic scenarios and walk-throughs and make learning effective and relatable. Semi realistic scenarios, visual essays and video presentations address ‘hard spots’ and clarify difficult concepts through a mature, pedagogical approach suited for these grade levels.

Proven to Deliver Results

HCL has designed its learning solution to deliver measurable outcomes. A recent study has now proven this statement to be true.An independent study conducted by the consulting club of the Indian Institute of Management, Indore states that DigiSchool content has significant positive impact on teaching and learning.

Fabulous Features

DigiSchool’s eclectic features enrich the Teaching-Learning experience though active collaborative teacher-student participation. The fabulous features are designed to cover planning, explaining, demonstrating engaging and evaluating through its power packed multimedia tools.

Lesson Planner

Teachers can create their own interactive lesson plans. 8 ready to use template designs for effective presentation. Create presentation from existing DigiSchool content and from external sources. Instant save and search features for re-use. Facility to share lesson plans with other teachers.


Interactive Virtual Labs

Engaging simulated environment wherein students can learn through experiment. Aimed at enabling active class participation and activities. Each lab contains an explain section for elucidating core concept simulated in the lab an Explore section which gives freedom to ‘play’ with key variables and see outcomes, just like a live experiment and an Evaluate section consisting of assessment questions based on lab application. Click here to view


Simplest, fastest and easiest way to teach maths! Simulates complex mathematical problems to illustrate solutions step-by-step, thus doing away with the need to manually write many steps on the board Click here to view

Digital Library

Teacher can refer text book while DigiSchool content is running along-side without breaking flow of the class. Text chapters are available as e-books that can be shared either through e-mail or by printing in hard copy.


Unique tools for teaching Geography interactively across grades. Covers all standard maps and includes numerous built-in-features such as drawing tools, spotlighting tool and distance measuring tool. Click here to view

Interactive GK

Provides teachers the opportunity to teach GK interactively for classes 1 to 5. Various themes covered includes Famous Personalities, Sports, India , World, Culture & Religion and Science.

Students Response System

Conduct real time assessments and capture live results on the interactive white board. Ensure active participation and better learning for students. SRS device enables students to respond to multiple choice assessment . Live results can be captured on the Interactive White Board.


Power to Teacher


Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools Module enables the teachers to create question banks, assessments, class tests, class presentations, CCE worksheets and lesson plans.Teacher can choose from 13000+ chapter mapped questions.


Ready templates to enrich teaching

User Friendly Interface

Highly intuitive user interface provides easy access

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